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Lark Works specializes in Studebaker wire harnesses and cables!  

Why buy from us?  It's deserve the best!  

- We offer both 100-point show harnesses and every day driver harnesses, so you can choose what is best for your vehicle needs and budget requirements!  

- Yes!  We do right hand control (foreign) Studebakers too!  

- Documentation!  We provide a wire run list and label all the wire ends in the bigger harnesses.  We also provide a diagram/picture of the harness showing those labelled wires.  Car restoration shops love our documentation because it makes their jobs easier & quicker and saves their customer money!  

- We build all our products directly from the factory engineering drawings.  What you order from us will be specifically made for your Studebaker!  We ask lots of questions about your Studebaker before we can provide an accurate quote!  

- We use quality wire, terminals and techniques to ensure all our products meet Lark Works high expectations.  

- We do molded end connectors!  Some later harnesses have terminals that are encapsulated in rubber and in some cases form connectors.  We reproduce those molds as accurately as possible!  We have many photos posted on our website.  

- We offer technical and trouble-shooting support!  If you run into a snag while installing your harness, just give us a call 785-302-1488 or email  We care about our customers and their time!  

Lark Works 

Electrical Wiring for Studebaker and Packard