Every Day Driver Option

Lark Works offers a budget version for some Studebaker main chassis and rear chassis harnesses. We replace cloth-insulated wire with vinyl-insulated.  We also replace cloth braid with vinyl wrap to reduce cost of some harnesses. 

Years offered for every day driver version:

1941-1955 civilian trucks, 1947-1952 cars

We support the Studebaker and Packard communities!  

Starting October 2017 Lark Works will be making the following donations!
- We donate $5.00 for every Packard order over $500 and $10.00 for every order over $1,000 to www.PackardInfo.com. 
- We donate $5.00 for every Studebaker order over $500 and $10.00 for over $1,000 to the Studebaker National Foundation​.

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