Packard Wire Harnesses 

Lark Works Builds For Packard

We are now extending the same quality that we have provided for Studebaker vehicles to Packard vehicles. We have in the past provided harness and cable sets for late 1930's Packards and even a 1941 station wagon. We are new to Packard even though we have been building for people who have found us by word of mouth for several years.

Current Research Projects

We have been doing research on 1941-1947 Clipper and can provide you with a formal quote quickly on these cars.  If you have another Packard just let us know and I'm sure we can help you!  

Packard Library

We have started building a library of Packard engineering drawings that we use building your harnesses and cables.

We want to become your Packard wiring provider!  

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