How to order from Lark Works

What we need from you:

This is a list of the information we need from YOU in order to give you an accurate quote for your wiring needs. 

1. Year, model, body type.  For example: 1956 Studebaker Commander, 4-door sedan - see body tag photo below. 

2. Do you need everythingbumper-to-bumper or just a main chassis harness? Please be specific as possible - or we can help you decide what you need. 

3. Transmission type:Automatic or Manual with overdrive?

4. Do you need battery cables or ignition (spark plug) cables?

5. Do you need a light bulb set? We provide a kit with every bulb for you vehicle, except headlights. 

What you will get from Lark Works:

Once we collect all the necessary information from you, we will provide an exact quote including shipping for your order. We include a detailed list of all part numbers and prices for each item. You can edit your quote anytime before payment.

How to pay: 

We offer several payment methods, but note that we require full payment when you place your order. Make payment out to "Lark Works". 

We take Paypal, check, or money order. For foreign orders we prefer Paypal or Western Union in US dollars. Please contact Lark Works to confirm your payment method for foreign orders. 

Returns:Ask about our return policy.

Below is an example of a typical quote from Lark Works. (Prices are subject to change.)

The absolute most important thing when ordering wiring DO NOT WAIT until you need it! Our build time is generally 6 to 8 weeks, but can vary based on the type of order and number of people ahead of you! The general rule of thumb is order your harness 2 to 3 months before you need it! 

*Body tag found in the engine compartment, upper right corner of firewall.*

For Most Studebaker Vehicles

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