Studebaker Avanti

Avanti is a unique car and by far the most complicated when it comes to the wiring. Lark Works has invested heavily into being able to reproduce all of the wiring bumper to bumper.  

In most cases we exactly reproduce the harness or cable to the engineering drawings. With Avanti we have chosen to make some improvements to the main chassis harness.  We have increased the size of the wires for the headlamp circuits and also redesigned the grounding circuit making it more robust and reliable. The harness still looks factory from the outside!  

Our main chassis harness runs about $1,300 and if you want everything bumper to bumper it will be about $1,800 depending on options.  

We recommend ordering an Avanti harness four months before you need it though it usually does not take this long.  

If you are wanting an every day driver type harness please let us know and we can provide you with a price!  

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