Our Products

-We are hyper-focused on the authenticity of our products. It doesn't matter whether you purchase a budget version or an authentic version of a harness, we build all our items based on the original factory engineering drawings (blueprints). Not only are our harnesses tailor-made to fit your specific vehicle, but the products were designed by Studebaker (or Packard) engineers and electrically sound. 

-Since we build from the original blueprints, we are able to give our customers a level of detail they will not get elsewhere.  We also seek out materials that mirror those used in the original harnesses.  For example, we specially order wire colors from our supplier to match what the blueprints call for. 

-We use quality materials and actively seek out better products to provide to our customers.  

About Lark Works - What defines us and sets us apart?

Lark Works 

Electrical Wiring for Studebaker and Packard

Our Commitment 

We care about the Studebaker and Packard communities!  We want your cars and trucks to be as safe as possible.  Remember, a new harness is awful cheap insurance!  

Our Qualifications

-Our harness builder has been building harnesses since August 2004.  For the first 8 years that experience included making modern wiring harnesses for a company called Nortech Systems. Skills include cloth braiding of harnesses, harness manufacturing and designing production tooling. 

Other qualifications: Our business was started after graduating from McPherson College with a 4 year degree in Automotive Restoration. Senior project was an early 1953 Champion Coupe, which included body alignment and complete electrical system restoration. 

Our Customer Service

-We are available for your questions. If you run into a snag and need to troubleshoot, we are there for our customers! Even in the evenings and on weekends if needed! 

-We label all wires and provide a wire run list and a computer-drawn map to help with installation. We have created these tools for you on our own dime because we care about your time!